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Look Away Movie | Look Away download | Look Away: Maria Brennan (India Eisley) is a timid social outcast at her high school, where she is constantly bullied by her peers led by her schoolmate Mark (John C. MacDonald). Maria has only one friend, Lily (Penelope Mitchell) whom she envies, and for whose boyfriend, Sean (Harrison Gilbertson) she harbors a secret crush. At home, Maria frequently suppresses her emotions with her parents: her father Dan (Jason Isaacs), a philandering plastic surgeon and a perfectionist; and her mother Amy (Mira Sorvino), who suffers from depression and pretends to be oblivious to her husband’s affairs.

Maria accidentally discovers a sonogram of a pair of twins and starts hearing voices from her mirror reflection, Airam, who is more beautiful, charismatic and aggressive. Maria is initially frightened but eventually finds solace in Airam’s empowering talks that make her confront her subconscious thoughts and inner feelings. After being deserted by Lily – who was aware of Maria’s feelings for Sean – and humiliated by Mark at the prom, Maria agrees to swap places with Airam in exchange for Airam’s help in solving her problems.

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by Allen Willard on Control Farayand Pasargad

Great movie. thanks for share this film. I love your site so much. 😉

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