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Anathema The Optimist 2017 | The Optimist 2017 | Anathema: Anathema The Optimist 2017 is the 11th album by rock band Anathema. The album was released on 9 June 2017, through Kscope, three years after their last release, Distant Satellites. The idea for The Optimist originated from the cover artwork of the album A Fine Day to Exit (2001). The coordinates from the first track are pointing to Silver Strand beach in San Diego County, the location that is shown on the cover of A Fine Day to ExitThe Optimist won “Album of the Year” at the 2017 Progressive Music Awards.

Anathema The Optimist 2017 Full Album

Tracklist (Anathema – The Optimist 2017)

01. “32.63N 117.14W”
02. “Leaving It Behind”
03. “Endless Ways”
04. “The Optimist”
05. “San Francisco”
06. “Springfield”
07. “Ghosts”
08. “Can’t Let Go”
09. “Close Your Eyes”
10. “Wildfires”
11. “Back To The Start”


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