Car Gate (Vehicle Radiation Portal Monitoring VRPM2220)

Car Gate (VRPM2220): VRPM2220 is a vehicle radiation portal monitoring system. The system is capable of detecting abnormal gamma radiation in a vehicle passing through its gate in either direction. VRPM2220 utilizes 4 large plastic scintillators with efficient and superb detection parameters leading to precisely detect gamma ray abnormalities. The system comes with two indicators. One indicator is responsible to handle the traffic of vehicles entering the gate and the other one manages the abnormality situations and indicates special lights corresponding to abnormality level detected by system.

Car Gate

Car Gate
Car Gate

Features (Car Gate VRPM2220)

  • Different scan scenarios
  • Easy to assemble design
  • Traffic management indicator
  • Background updating Procedure
  • Optional gate monitoring camera
  • Sensors to detect vehicle presence
  • Data storage for further exploration
  • Programmable detection parameters
  • Easily visible informative alarm indicator
  • Slow natural degradation of the light yield
  • Accurate alarms with low false alarm rate
  • Password security for device configuration
  • Individual and sum detectors measurements
  • Intelligent contamination detection algorithm
  • Stand-alone application based on internal battery (Optional)
  • Large plastic scintillators with efficient detection accuracy
  • Highly efficient scintillators with long technical attenuation length

Application (Car Gate VRPM2220)

  • Radiation inspection at airports
  • Customs and Border Control
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Homeland security
  • Inspection in the case of nuclear disasters

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