Surb Zatik (Սուրբ Զատիկ)

Surb Zatik (Սուրբ Զատիկ): The Armenian Apostolic Church begins celebrating Surb Zatik (Սուրբ Զատիկ) on the night of Holy Saturday. The Holy Liturgy is celebrated in churches, and then the clergy announce the good news of the Holy Resurrection of Christ. After that, people greet each other. They take home the blessed lit candles. The next morning, on Sunday, Mass is celebrated.

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Surb Zatik

Surb Zatik

Folk traditions made the holiday more colorful. Hostesses begin to prepare for it beforehand. They grow grain in a bowl – “acyk”.  It is a symbol of resurrection after death. Red colored eggs are placed in the grown grass. An egg symbolizes our world, the shell is the sky and air, protein is water, and the yolk is the Earth. Coloring eggs in red symbolized the Earth cleansing from sins by the Christ’s blood.

Սուրբ Զատիկ

Սուրբ Զատիկ
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