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Serenity Movie | Serenity download | Serenity: While living a quiet life on the island of Plymouth, local fisherman Baker Dill begins to receive strange visions that he can’t even explain. One day, Baker’s ex-wife Karen shows up to his residence and tasks him with killing Frank, her abusive and sexist husband. Meanwhile, Baker appears to have a telepathic connection with Patrick, the son he had with Karen in their previous marriage, and through that decides to put aside his goal of catching a large tuna called “Justice” to help Karen and Patrick. When businessman Reid Miller finds Baker, he explains that he is in partnership as a fishing equipment company sales rep, and wants to give him a complimentary fish tracker.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Reid inadvertently reveals to Baker that he is a character in a video game Patrick is playing. The real Baker died during military service, and his son has reprogrammed him into a fishing game to live out a fantasy of killing his abusive step-father. Baker is able to communicate with Patrick through the game’s code and decides to follow his son’s wishes and kill Frank.

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