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Green Book Movie | Green Book download | Green Book: New York City bouncer Frank “Tony Lip” Vallelonga is searching for new employment after the nightclub he works at is closed for renovations. He is invited to an interview with “Doc” Don Shirley, a black pianist who is looking for a driver for his eight-week concert tour through the Mid-West and Deep South. Don hires Tony on the strength of his references. They embark with plans to return to New York on Christmas Eve. Don’s record label gives Tony a copy of the Green Book, a guide for black travelers to find motels, restaurants, and filling stations that would serve blacks.

They begin the tour in the Midwest before eventually heading further south. Tony and Don initially clash; as Tony feels uncomfortable being asked to act with more refinement, while Don is disgusted by Tony’s habits. As the tour progresses, Tony is impressed with Don’s talent on the piano, and increasingly appalled by the discriminatory treatment the latter receives by their hosts and the general public when he is not on stage. A group of white men threatens Don’s life in a bar and Tony rescues him. He instructs Don not to go out without him for the rest of the tour.

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