The Addams Family 2019 download | The Addams Family

The Addams Family 2019 download | The Addams Family: The Addams Family 2019 download, The Addams Family is an animation directed by Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan. Gomez and Morticia Addams are chased away with the rest of the Addams clan during their wedding ceremony by an angry mob that disapproves of their macabre nature. Grandmama buys Uncle Fester time to evacuate Gomez, Morticia, and Thing. Gomez and Morticia decide to move to New Jersey, a place “no one would be caught dead in.” There, Gomez, Morticia, and Thing find their “perfect” home in an abandoned asylum on a hill. They meet Lurch, an escaped mental patient whom they hit when Thing was distracted driving the car, and immediately recruit him as their butler.

The Addams Family 2019 download

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