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Starry Night software | Starry Night download | Starry Night: Starry Night software, Starry Night is a commercial planetarium software package, available for macOS and  Microsoft Windows. Starry Night focuses heavily on providing attractive, realistic imagery, although recent versions have also increasingly targeted the amateur astronomy  community with features like observation planning, telescope control, and multiple-panel printing.

Starry Night download

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Key Features include (Starry Night software)

•   Apollo 11 Mission Data

•   Data Backup and Cloud Sync

•   Improved DeepSky Database

•   Improved Telescope Control

•   New Dark Theme

•   New Audio Descriptions

•   Stars and Exoplanets in 3D

•   Simple, fast, user-optimized interface

•   All-Sky CCD Mosaic

•   5 multi-wavelength full sky surveys

•   Fully featured with a complete object database

•   Redesigned Live SkyGuide

•   Maxim DL Plugin

Starry Night official site:

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